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The best drone accessories 2023

Pretty much every drone manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories. These are mostly not superfluous knickknacks, but really useful additions for the copter. We present the most interesting tools here:

Backpack or shoulder bag

DJI’s foldable camera drones, such as the DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Mini 3 Pro, are extremely compact due to their foldable design, making them very suitable for hiking tours or traveling. With a backpack or shoulder bag, the drone is great to carry, but they offer no protection against shocks. The accessories can also only be partially accommodated, e.g. the three batteries of the Mavic Pro only fit in the mesh pockets on the side of the bag. Therefore, they are exposed to harmful moisture. A better alternative is a transport case for drones.

Transport case

Especially, who goes on vacation and wants to document this great experience by means of fantastic drone footage, can’t get around a drone case. A case simply offers the best protection for safely transporting a drone, whether someone is going on vacation or a day trip. The case absorbs even harder impacts and thus forms comprehensive protection for the copter. Nevertheless, caution is advised because sensitive parts such as the gimbal, rotors, antennas, extendable skids or cameras will be damaged first.

Video goggles / FPV (First Person View)

Video goggles are the ultimate accessory for a drone, creating a whole new flying experience. So-called FPV goggles allow the drone owner to see directly through the camera of a drone and thus enjoy the ultimate pilot feeling. These glasses are now so advanced that they also offer a whole range of extremely interesting additional functions. One example is DJI Google’s FPV goggles, which even react to any head movement, helping to control the gimbal and tilt angle of the drone.

Replacement Propeller & Kit

This may sound a bit trivial, but spare propellers are never wrong. Propellers break most quickly, regardless of the drone model – especially in frequent crashes. Yet propellers are not expensive at all and every passionate drone pilot should have them in stock. Depending on the manufacturer, an additional kit is usually offered as well, where propellers and other helpful spare parts such as spare batteries are included.

Protective film & landing feet

For drone remote controls with an integrated display, such as the DJI RC Pro, a suitable protective film is recommended. The protective film is made of tempered glass, is scratch-resistant and offers optimal protection when using or transporting the remote control. If you want to launch your drone on devious terrain, in the forest or on a meadow, you should get additional landing feet made of ABS plastic. This simplifies launch and landing procedures and prevents damage to the camera or gimbal.

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