Einsteiger Drohne DJI Mini 2
Luk Boving
Luk Boving

Best entry level drone 2022

In the past, many had the dream of owning a small remote-controlled helicopter. At that time, these were either expensive or cheap and not really mature – basically a clutter or very unsatisfactory.

Drones now make it possible for private individuals to realize this dream, as reasonable models for beginners are already available at affordable prices. Not only is the flying itself tremendously fun, but you can produce spectacular footage. Whether for your own YouTube channel or simply in the private sphere, such as recordings from your vacation, everything is possible.

Camera drones now also have a live transmission to the cell phone with an included display in the remote control or via a connected smartphone. This way, you not only create bird’s eye shots, but you see the world in real time.

Our drone recommendation for beginners: DJI-Mini 2

The DJI-Mini 2 is the immediate successor to the DJI-Mini and features some significant improvements in the process. This model is a quadrocopter with an ultra-light weight of 249 grams. Comparable in weight to an apple, the DJI-Mini 2 still delivers stunning images and flies up to 30 km/h wind speed.

The improved flight function and intuitive controls make this camera drone additionally brilliant for beginners. It boasts a flight time of just under 31 minutes, has built-in GPS and hover sensors for a safe flying experience. The stable flight behavior makes the DJI Mini 2 stand out clearly. Safe takeoffs and landings are almost guaranteed.

The maximum Airspeed is 57.6 km/h – The small Mini 2 easily reaches the flight altitude of 120 m permitted in Germany. The integrated Return To Home and Auto Take-off functions run very confidently, making take-off and landing or return as easy as possible when the battery is empty, for example. The DJI Mini 2 is also one of the top performers in this price range (459 euros) in terms of video quality and range up to 1 km.


In addition to amateur filmmakers, the DJI Mini 2 is also suitable for photographers who want to enter the world of drones. It enables pictures with a native resolution of 12 megapixels. On the whole, the DJ-Mini 2 is an absolute bargain and a world champion among camera drones in this price range. This is not the cheapest drone from the top manufacturer DJI – but it is an almost fully equipped, enormously well-functioning quality product with simple operation. Just something you don’t get for this price otherwise.

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