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Drone jobs of the future

Drone jobs of the future – when humans and robots work together
The jobs of the future are already here – and many of them involve drones. Digitization is a process that cannot be stopped even by global problems such as those we have seen in recent years. Especially in the pandemic years 2020 and 2021, the digital sector grew significantly. This development influences all sectors and especially the world of work. The World Economic Forum in Davos has been monitoring technological progress in relation to the world of work and the accompanying changes for many years.

Their 2020 Future of Jobs report clearly illustrates this emergence in the labor market. Drone-related professions play a significant role in this, as drones undoubtedly hold promise for the future. While many professions that used to require human intervention will be eliminated, this will create exciting new fields.

Drone-related employment opportunities

The drone segment offers a whole range of new employment opportunities right away, including the following:

  • Drone training centers – drone mechanic or instructor for drone pilot training.
  • Drone related service – maintenance, repair, analysis, customer support.
  • Drone Pilot / Operator – Drone pilots are needed in many areas.
  • Drone development – drone engineer, software and hardware development

Areas of application in which drone experts
and pilots are needed

Search and rescue

Drones offer a combination of tremendous maneuverability and real-time, high-resolution imaging. In disaster scenarios, these features are perfect for saving lives. After a snow or mudslide, hurricanes, floods, or events of a similar nature that require immediate response, drones create the perfect remedy. Search helicopters, which can only fly at a certain altitude and sometimes put rescuers themselves in danger, will be a thing of the past in the future. So professional drone pilots for search and rescue have a thriving future!

Inspection of infrastructure and supply routes

Helicopters are responsible for flying over utility structures such as oil or gas pipelines or major transportation routes to locate any damage. In the future, it is very likely that drones will take over this task – and for only a fraction of the cost and pollution that a helicopter would generate. British oil company BP is a practical example, as the well-known company is already experimenting with drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras to detect leaks and vulnerabilities along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Drones as suppliers – humanitarian aid and package delivery

Amazon is the most well-known company working at full speed to optimize package delivery drones. Drones are already being actively used for humanitarian deliveries.
Among other places, where there are no traffic routes or no safe ground transport can be guaranteed. Drones deliver urgently needed medicines and rations – reliably and quickly. For example, in Benin, Sierra Leone or other West African countries.

Further areas of application at a glance

  • Police & Customs – tracing, border surveillance, etc.
  • Agriculture – large-scale overview of the cultivated area, early detection of disease infestation of the plants, determination of fertilizer requirements and harvest time
  • Photography, film and documentation – drones deliver breathtaking images here
  • Weather forecast – determination of weather conditions in real time, fast delivery of weather data
  • Science – surveying hard-to-reach areas, 3D mapping using drone technology, etc.
  • Entertainment and private footage – drone racing, breathtaking bird’s eye view footage.

Conclusion – Will drones and robots steal our jobs in the future?

Many people are afraid of artificial intelligence or automation in general. They are afraid of losing their jobs because of these new technologies. However, this is not correct in many respects – on the contrary. In reality, the rapid development of drones and AI is leading to a better standard of living. New, exciting and fulfilling jobs are emerging from outdated, traditional workplaces. Yet drones were among the spearhead of this exciting development in the labor market.

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