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Extraordinary aerial photographs, photo and film shoots

Aerial Photo & Filming

Aerial photography for photos or filming is in great demand privately and commercially. Many industries prefer to shoot from a bird’s eye view because camera drones offer spectacular images.

Marketing & Advertising: On television, you hardly see a commercial that is made without a drone. In the meantime, many airline pilots have already established themselves in this field and offer professional flights for exceptional aerial photos, photo and film shoots.

Real estate: Aerial photographs are also particularly in demand in the real estate sector. Real estate objects, such as houses and apartments, can be especially showcased with videos and aerial photos from drones.

Tourism:Hotels, country houses, fincas, landscapes or trekking tours are shown particularly impressively from a bird’s eye view.

3D modeling

With this method, drones (quadrocopters), can create 3D models of buildings that need to be either rebuilt or completed.

3D building models

With 3D building models it is possible to depict building constructions or real estate complexes realistically. They can be used in a variety of ways by architects, urban planners, builders, entrepreneurs, or in marketing. For the creation of building models, we collect data on request and provide everything from planning, aerial survey to implementation and evaluation – everything.

Orthophotos & Mapping

Georeferenced orthophotos of surfaces, real estate or facades are an important basis for decision-making for architects, surveyors, engineers, urban planners and traffic planners, because they can be used to plan investments in construction measures and to better justify them to financiers.

Realistic mapping of building structures or real estate complexes
Area-wide thermographic surveys

Thermal flights

Heat sources can be immediately identified with a thermal survey on the ground. Flights are used, for example, when large-scale energy losses can be detected on district heating pipes or house roofs. Thermal imaging cameras detect infrared radiation and in the result display the classified temperatures are converted into colors. Where red tones indicate warmth and blue tones indicate cold.

Thermography becomes more and more important

The importance of thermography is becoming increasingly important with rising energy costs, climate change and associated new regulatory requirements. After all, it’s about using energy more efficiently.

With a thermal survey, heat emissions can be detected and measures for targeted thermal insulation can be introduced. Area-wide thermographic surveys are already being used by cities and municipalities to create thermographic maps. This allows homeowners and businesses to get information about the heat radiation of their buildings.

Photovoltaic maintenance flights

For the inspection of photovoltaic systems, drones are excellent. Although these systems are comparatively considered low-maintenance, an assessment and maintenance of a solar system may be necessary. For regular visual inspections or maintenance flights, drones and multicopters offer a fast and cost-effective option. That is why specialist companies are increasingly commissioning these smart flying robots.

Advantages of drones

Photovoltaik Wartungsfluege
Assessment and maintenance of a solar system
Vermessung Drohne
Surveying work for terrain mapping

Survey flights

Drones are increasingly being used for economic surveying and terrain mapping. By means of integrated satellite-based navigation, modern UAVs are capable of producing maps accurate to the centimeter.

However, for many construction projects, e.g. the construction of railroad lines and highways, maps alone are not sufficient for long. Combined with powerful software, drones enable diverse visualizations as well as the analysis of captured geodata. In this way, point clouds can be created or classified by laser scanners. Building Information Modeling (BIM), mass or volume calculations can also be performed with it.

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