Dive into the world of underwater drones with CHASING M2 PRO MAX

Underwater drone technology has made tremendous strides in recent years, opening up fascinating opportunities in a variety of industries. A remarkable innovation in this field is the new underwater drone “CHASING M2 PRO MAX” from the renowned company Drone Practice. With its impressive performance and versatility, it is revolutionizing underwater exploration and opening new horizons […]

The fascinating world of underwater drones: Exploring the depths

Technology has made tremendous strides in recent years, surprising us with amazing innovations. One such innovation that is attracting the attention of adventurers, scientists, and nature lovers alike is underwater drones. These fascinating devices allow us to explore the depths of the oceans and discover previously undiscovered worlds. In this blog post, we’ll take a […]

Drone racing is the trend

More and more areas of our lives are being conquered by drones. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before drones would also be found in sports. In the beginning, racing drones were designed and tested by individual hobbyists, but now such drones are produced by specialized companies. The racing drones are lighter, smaller […]

Drone jobs of the future

Drone jobs of the future – when humans and robots work togetherThe jobs of the future are already here – and many of them involve drones. Digitization is a process that cannot be stopped even by global problems such as those we have seen in recent years. Especially in the pandemic years 2020 and 2021, […]

Drones for inspection purposes

Inspections especially in the field of structural and civil engineering or also in the industrial sector are usually associated with high costs. This is because surveying hard-to-reach sites involves extensive planning and an equally large amount of risk.The solution: drones replace all inspection procedures at enormously low cost. They are flexible and can be used […]

Drones for hobby photographers and filmmakers

Whether atmospheric landscape pictures or brilliant snapshots of dreamlike sunrises – everything simply looks more beautiful from a bird’s eye view. It is not for nothing that being able to fly is one of the oldest dreams of mankind. In the past, camera cranes or helicopters were mainly used to produce such images from the […]

The best drone accessories 2023

Pretty much every drone manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories. These are mostly not superfluous knickknacks, but really useful additions for the copter. We present the most interesting tools here: Backpack or shoulder bag DJI’s foldable camera drones, such as the DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Mini 3 Pro, are extremely compact due to […]

Best entry level drone 2022

In the past, many had the dream of owning a small remote-controlled helicopter. At that time, these were either expensive or cheap and not really mature – basically a clutter or very unsatisfactory. Drones now make it possible for private individuals to realize this dream, as reasonable models for beginners are already available at affordable […]

Drones for humanitarian aid instead of war and destruction

There is no question that drones have incredible potential. It’s not without reason that global corporations such as Amazon are betting big on these versatile flying objects. Many experts also believe that drones have a promising future. In the future, they will be used for a wide variety of purposes. First and foremost, of course, […]